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Our reputation for honest, reliable service grows with every new and returning customer, everyday.

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 Our Services

car tire services


 Check tire pressure

 Tire rotation

Tire repair

 Tire replacement

Tires are your vehicle's direct connection to the road. It is critical for your own safety to keep them inflated, properly rotated, and properly treaded for the elements.

automotive oil services

Oil Changes

Lube, oil & filter change

Hassle-free oil changes at prices you won't find anywhere else! Extend the life of your vehicle and keep your engine running clean with a routine oil change. We will inspect your car's oil filter during every change to ensure your oil is kept clean. Our rates vary depending on your choice of oil. Call (705) 340-1603 for your over the phone quote.

car electrical system services

Electrical Systems

 Dashboard warning diagnosis

 Headlight bulb replacement

 Interior lighting repair

 Power lock and window repair

If your vehicle is experiencing electronic systems failure, prompt diagnosis and repair are critical to preventing further complications down the road.

brake inspections and repairs


Brake inspection

Rotor replacement

 Parking brake adjustment

 Disc brake repair

Drum brake repair

Stay safe on the road and drive with confidence - have your brakes inspected today!If you feel the signs of brake wear - grinding, spongy pedals, or veering to one side - waiting for symptoms to worsen will only cost you more in the long run. Call us today to schedule your brake maintenance.

car transmission services


Transmission fluid inspection

Clutch inspection & adjustment

 Clutch replacement

 Transmission repair & replacement

Grinding gears, excessive noise, and clutch failure are all symptoms of faulty transmission. Transmission fluid should be regularly inspected to ensure your car is running at its peak performance. We service both manual and automatic transmissions. Our licensed mechanics will keep your vehicle driving like the day you bought it.

suspension and steering services

Steering & Suspension

 Suspension inspection

 Shock replacement

Ball joint replacement

Strut replacement

Tie rod replacement

Sway bar link replacement

If something feels "off" when you're driving, your vehicle may have a suspension issue. Our experienced mechanics have the expertise to identify and address suspension issues.

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